Demand has changed and consumers are permanently asking for new products in their sale premises.Shorter series with personalized designs and closer to the needs and wants of the clients.Purchasing in proximity gives a quicker answer to the needs of what the clients wish avoiding stocks and financial costs.
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Different sources consulted stress the importance of the so called "nearshoring", that is, establishing solid relationships with reliable providers , close and expert, in order to contribute to the development of the products of the brand.
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Innovating a product is not possible without proximity industry.Developing new products requires close industrial capacity, processes and technology, and above all the know how.
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Studies of the Centre d'Informació Tèxtil (Cytic) and Centre Tecnològic FITEX estimate that the present textile industry in Spain has capacity to assume a 30% of present employment .There is technology and knowledge available for brands and distributors.
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Overseas markets demand quality products with European design, quality and manufacturing: Made in Europe.
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    BSTIM is a professional showroom that wants to give an answer to the needs of supplying in proximity of finished pieces of clothing of brands and distributors in the fashion sector. Our aim is to bring together the textile industries and production business agents of fashion products with brands and European products.

    The second edition of BSTIM will take place on 25th and 26th of February 2015, in Igualada (Barcelona – Spain), and it is a business initiative of Fira d’Igualada and Agrupació Tèxtil FAGEPI.


    The new supply system based on speed and quality which enables the brands to fulfill the consumers' needs asking for new products weekly at their points of sale.

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    We find ourselves in an area of longstanding textile tradition with an irreplaceable Know How The local manufacturers offer great advantages as regards as production in the markets for example:


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Industrial businesses that make ready pieces for dressmaking, knitwear, and beachwear with capacity to deliver finished products and adapt to different volume and conditions of manufacturing. It also aims at welcoming enterprises dedicated to managing the production of textiles and are permanently settled in Spain and have a team that develops and manages the productions of fashion brands and distributors.


BSTIM wants to offer solutions to different professional profiles: SUPPLYING AND PURCHASING PRODUCT MANAGERS, designers, product managers and collection managers or artistic managers of fashion brands and distributors in the textile sector in all of Europe. INDEPENDENT DESIGNERS who develop their own collection. CHAINS OF SHOPS interested in identifying manufacturers to cover the needs of their own establishments. STUDENTS OF DESIGN SCHOOLS, business schools, marketing and communication dedicated to the fashion sector. ¡Register now!


The fair BSTIM relies on a Group of Advisors formed by experts from the fashion sector with the aim of bringing their experience and knowledge to the fair so that it can be the most productive for both visitors and exhibitors. All of them had agreed to collaborate with BSTIM totally selflessly. The following professionals were part of 2015 edition group:

Jordi Balsells, vicepresident of Desigual for Asia

Josep Abril, designer of the brand Josep Abril

Albert Esteve, owner of Sita Murt

Miquel Rodríguez, manager of Consorci de Comerç, Artesania i Moda de Catalunya

Aleix Aguilera, editor of the magazine Coolture Magazine

Pilar Riaño, editor of the magazine Modaes

Francesc Maristany, president of Clúster Tèxtil i Moda de Catalunya

Carmen Torres, responsable of Asociación de Empresas de Moda y Confección de Madrid

Pepa Bueno, general secretary of Asociación de Creadores de Moda d'España



    The exhibition is going to take place in Igualada , on 24 and 25 February 2016 from 10 to 19h, a city with a large textile tradition where 145 enterprises and 12 000 professionals of the textile and fashion sector work and generate an aggregate invoicing of 350 million euros. The textile and fashion cluster,Tèxtil i Moda, in Igualada is one of the most important territories in Europe manufacturing exterior knitwear (rectilinear knitting machines). Six million knitwear pieces for brands and distributors in all Europe are manufactured yearly in Igualada.


    The building welcoming the exhibition is the old slaughterhouse, an emblematic modernist architectural ensemble of the architects T.Salvat Espasa and I.Gili Moncunill from 1903 with a capacity of 1000 m2 on the ground floor.

The central nave with the original overlapping, interior patios, natural light and several diaphanous spaces all recently restored make it a unique sorrounding transpiring tradition, design and modernity.



    To travel from Barcelona/Igualada/Barcelona

    Public transport

    If you are travelling in your own car the exhibition site has a free car park for those attending the BSTIM fair only.

    If you want to use public transport you have different options:

    Hispano Igualadina Barcelona – Igualada 1h 10 min travel, and 15 min walk www.igualadina.com

    Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya Line Llobergat-Anoia Barcelona – Igualada: 1h 40 min travel, and 25 min walk www.fgc.cat

    Alsina Graells Lleida – Igualada 1h 45min, and 15 min walk www.alsa.es

    Discount travelling with Renfe

    Special discounts are available for those visitors and exhibitors that need to travel by train.

    30% discount
    ·Purchase via internet::
    Buy your tickets here
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    ·Purchase in person:
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    Discount travelling with Iberia

    15% discount
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    If you need accommodation to attend the fair, you’ll find the contact details of the 2 hotels in Igualada below:

    Hotel Amèrica Avda. Mestre Montaner, 44-45 – 08700 Igualada Telf: 93 803 10 00 info@hotel-america.es

    Hotel Molí Blanc Carretera C-241c km 0,9, km 0.9 - 08700 Igualada Telf: 938 01 91 79 hotel@moliblanchotel.cat

    If you prefer to use a travel agent to make your bookings and reservations you can contact the following travel agents with no rise in the prices whatsoever.

    Agora Destins Contact: Dolors info@agoradestins.com www.agoradestins.com Contact via Skype: ECUCHESSTRAVEL

    Nautalia Viatges Contact: Daniel daniel.vicente@nautaliaviajes.es www.nautaliaviatges.com

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Acte inaugural 25 de febrer, 11h, recinte firal

L’acte inaugural constarà d’un recorregut al llarg de tots els estands de la fira i estarà presidit per l’Hble. Sra Joana Ortega i Alemany, Vicepresidenta del Govern de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Sr. Joan Domènech, president de Fira d’Igualada, i Sr. Antonio Egea, president de L'Agrupació Tèxtil Fagepi, i comptarà també amb l’assistència de l’Il•lm. Sr. Marc Castells i Berzosa, alcalde d’Igualada i altres autoritats.

Concurs de disseny “Knitting Dreams” per a joves dissenyadors 25 de febrer, 12h, recinte firal

Per tal de mostrar les capacitats de la indústria local dins de la fira BSTIM s’ha creat el concurs de disseny “Knitting Dreams” destinat a joves dissenyadors, i organitzat en col•laboració amb l’Escola Superior de Disseny Felicidad Duce de Barcelona. El concurs ha seleccionat 25 peces, principalment de gènere de punt, creades per joves estudiants de disseny de moda i han estat produïdes per empreses industrials locals. Totes les peces es podran veure exposades a BSTIM. El jurat del concurs ha estat el mateix Grup d’Advisors de BSTIM, i ha tingut en compte aspectes com la creativitat i originalitat, la industrialització, comercialització, innovació pràctica i el missatge. El premi pel disseny guanyador és una estada de pràctiques professionals en una empresa del sector. El guanyador serà revelat públicament el 25 de febrer a les 12h al mateix recinte firal de BSTIM.

Cocktail Networking 25 de febrer, 19h, recinte firal

Després d’una llarga jornada de treball, s’ha planificat un cocktail informal a peu dret, un moment de trobada relaxat obert a tots els professionals acreditats a BSTIM. L’acte tindrà lloc el 25 de febrer a les 19h, un cop es tanqui les portes de la fira, al mateix recinte firal.

Exposició “Anoia, el punt d’origen de la moda” 25 i 26 de febrer, de 10-19h, Fàbrica Esteve Aguilera S.A. (Sita Murt), c/Sor Rita Mercader, 22 (a 3 minuts caminant de BSTIM)

Es pot visitar aquesta exposició sobre la història tèxtil de la comarca de l’Anoia només durant els dos dies que dura BSTIM. A través d’imatges i productes, retrocedim als orígens de la moda per entendre com s’evoluciona des de la confecció de draps fins a la confecció de jerseis.



Recinte l'escorxador, c/ Prat de la Riba, 47

45 Carrer Prat de la Riba

08700 igualada